Discipline is the Shortcut: Using E+R=O to Create Self Awareness, Self Discipline, and Self Control

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Brian Kight
59 minutes
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In Discipline is the Shortcut: Using E+R=O to Create Self Awareness, Self Discipline, and Self Control, Brian Kight, founder of Daily Discipline, discusses his philosophies on coaching and developing athletes. Kight details how to build relationships and connect with your student-athletes, and provide the support needed to create a successful program. Additionally, Kight outlines how to maximize your teams talent, through film study, drills, and creating “buy-in” in both athletes and families. Finally, Kight reviews his approach to achieving your desired outcomes, both on the field and off the field.

Topics covered include:

• Defining Coach’s Roles
• Leadership and Teaching
• Team Discipline
• Skill Development
• Maximizing Talent “The Want vs Work Ethic”
• Building Relationships and Engaging Athletes
• The E+R = O Equation
• Creating “Buy-In”
• Utilizing Film Study