Double Slot Punt: Sets, Motions, and Fakes

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Herb Meyer
39 minutes
Double Slot Punt: Sets, Motions, and Fakes presents a detailed overview of how coaches can effectively utilize the double slot punt formation, as opposed to the spread formation. The DVD explains and demonstrates various sets, with motions, that can be employed from this unique formation. The DVD also reviews a variety of fakes that can be executed from this formation. Film cut-ups are used to demonstrate the various key points made in the DVD.

Among the topics covered:
  • Using four spread receivers to put pressure on the defense
  • Throwing to uncovered receivers (automatic)
  • Utilizing the quarterback (if not the punter) as personal protector
  • Using an automatic system to make the call for fakes
  • Reading the reaction of the defense to motion to determine which fake to use
  • Simulating the short-yardage offense with the power punt set