Drill Segments for Kickers and Punters

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Mike McCabe
50 minutes
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In Drill Segments for Kickers and Punters, Coach Mike McCabe of One on One Kicking, outlines the proper techniques and fundamentals of kicking. One on One Kicking and Coach McCabe have a track record of training college and NFL kickers, including Rodrigo Blankenship of Georgia. Coach McCabe reviews the philosophies of both punting and kicking, while provided a number of proven drills to see improvement in both areas. Additionally, Coach McCabe brings in NFL punters/kickers to demonstrate his proven drills and techniques.

Topics covered include:

• Physics of Kicking/Punting
• Receiving the Snap
• Footwork/Foot Placement
• Directional Kicking
• Punting Drills
• Field Goal Drills
• Kickoff Drills
• Building Power in Kicking Leg
• Limiting Returns