Dynamic Hitting Practice for Youth Baseball

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Andy Collins
36 minutes

Dynamic Hitting Practice for Youth Baseball is designed for youth baseball coaches who want to work on their team's hitting skills and techniques in the most productive and time-efficient manner possible during practice. The DVD explains how coaches can effectively utilize both no-cost and low-cost methods to enhance the hitting ability of their players. The DVD also features a series of game-tested hitting drills that can be used to develop the key fundamentals involved in sound hitting.

Among the topics covered:

  • Practice goals
  • Examples of a typical boring practice
  • Examples of practice using hitting stations
  • Advantages of wood bat for practice
  • Drills for different hitting styles
  • Throw-the-bat drill
  • Bounce-tennis-ball drill
  • Toss drill
  • Bunting Drill
  • Strike-zone drill
  • Slow-pitch drill
  • Wheeler-dealer drill
  • Batting tee
  • RetractOBall
  • Personal pitcher pitching machine
  • Advantage of owning hitting equipment
  • Practice, practice, practice