Eliminating the Plus One

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John Walsh
52 Minutes
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Coach John Walsh gets down to business on this heavy X’s and O’s tape. Coach Walsh’s premise to a successful offense is to eliminate the “plus one”. This tape is loaded with diagrams and video cut-ups full of the information and tips needed to instruct the viewer on the elimination of the extra defender. Find the extra defender and transform plays like the counter from 5 yards to 9. While this system is geared towards teams with a mobile quarterback, any coach looking to add a few new wrinkles to their playbook will benefit from Coach Walsh’s presentation.

Among the topics covered:

  • Husker 25 Ted Toes
  • Full House 25 Ted Toes
  • Pin and Pull
  • QB Read Game
  • Read of Fits
  • Seminole 15
  • Script Fits to Advantage
  • Swap LT Over Dash LT
  • Manipulation of Fits
  • Dash and Derby
  • Plays of Read with 1 and 3 Tech
  • Front Side Pulls

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