Employing the 3-4 Defense

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Steve Shaughnessy
48 minutes

Employing the 3-4 Defense provides an overview of the keys to success in 3-4 defense. The DVD discusses the personnel suited for the 3-4 and reviews why this scheme has become so popular. The DVD also presents a day-by-day approach to planning practice, outlines the value of both pursuit and turnover drills, and looks at the basic steps involved in successful game planning. In addition, the DVD examines how film study, disguising the blitz, attacking the offense, and weekly preparation can help coaches achieve their goals. The DVD also explains why proper preparation in designing play cards and practice scripts can help coaches put their players in the best position to win on game day.

Among the topics covered:

• Five fundamentals of defense
• Turnover drills
• Game planning
• Auto call
• Planning practice
• Film study
• Weekly game planning: day by day