Exchanges in a False Pressure Defense

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Ryan Riemedio
44 minutes
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In Exchanges in a False Pressure Defense, Ryan Riemedio, Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator at Mercyhurst College (PA) discusses the Mercyhurst pressure schemes and defensive formations. First, Coach Riemedio reviews the keys to building and implementing a successful defense. Additionally, Coach Riemedio outlines the scheme basics and terminology, 3/4/5 man pressures, and positional responsibilities. Finally, Coach Riemedio provides film cut-ups illustrating his schemes and pressures.

Topics covered include:

• Building Your Defensive Culture
• Attention to Details
• Defensive Terminology and Buzz Words
• Formation Diagrams
• 3/4/5 Man Pressure Packages
• Coverage Schemes
• Positional Responsibilities
• Film Cut-Ups