Explosive Start Technique From the Blocks

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Robert Johnson
55 minutes
Featuring one of the most respected track & field coaches in the sport, Explosive Start Technique From the Blocks provides an overview how track athletes can perform better out of the blocks. In that regard, the DVD focuses on four key factors-the placement of the blocks, the drive angle, what to do to get optimum strides in the first ten steps, and techniques for enhancing the athlete's reaction time and anticipatory response to the start. The DVD also includes several drills that coaches can utilize to develop the essential fundamentals involved in an explosive start from the blocks.

Among the topics covered: 

• Gunfighter drill 
• Falling starts 
• Crouch starts 
• Start progression series 
• The set position 
• Range of motion 
• The first step 
• Hand & arm position 
• The second step 
• Review 
• Formula to determine exact block setting 
• Review 
• Bullet-belt drill 
• Develop power 
• Final thoughts