Goal Line Defense

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Steve Shaughnessy
50 minutes
Goal Line Defense provides an overview of the key factors involved in successfully executing both goal-line and short-yardage defense. The DVD presents a comprehensive examination of alignments that can be effectively employed against a variety of offensive looks in such situations, from three backs in the backfield with two tight ends to empty. The DVD also details the keys to success in developing an aggressive, attacking style of defense in both goal-line and short-yardage situations. In addition, the DVD features a number of video cut-ups that help demonstrate the effectiveness and success that can be achieved when this package is incorporated.

Among the topics covered:

• Game video
• Basic goal line alignment
• Adjustments to different formations
• Goal line man vs. I pro
• Goal line man vs. full house backfield
• Goal line man vs. split backs
• Goal line man vs. strong I
• Goal line man vs. gun doubles
• Goal line man vs. gun trips
• Goal line man vs. empty
• Video cut-ups