Gun Run Gap Scheme From 10 Personnel

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Matt Hoefs
37 minutes
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In Gun Run Gap Scheme From 10 Personnel, Matt Hoefs, head coach at Liberty HS (CA), details how to implement the “Gun Run” scheme into your offense and how to run it out of “10” personnel (One RB and four WRs). Coach Hoefs discusses the personnel required to install the “Gap” and “Zone” schemes and the underlying philosophies behind both. Additionally, Coach Hoefs outlines how to use the run and pre-snap motion to create matchup advantages. Finally, Coach Hoefs provides film cut-ups illustrating his schemes and philosophy.

Topics covered include:

• The Gun Run and 10 Personnel Basics
• Offensive Philosophy within the Gun Run Scheme
• Gap Scheme vs. Zone Scheme
• Installing the Gun Run
• Running In Between the Tackles
• Formation Diagrams/Play Calling
• Using Motion to Create Mismatches
• Film Cut-Ups