Incorporating Multiple Single Wing Principles into Any Offense

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Jerry Sarchet
133 pages
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Incorporating Multiple Single Wing Principles Into Any Offense, by Jerry Sarchet, can assist any football program and take a team from mediocre to good and from good to great. Timeless principles from the sheer power of the single wing to its misdirection are potent additives to any offense.

Whether a coach is seeking to add a wrinkle to their offensive attack or conduct a wholesale change of offensive philosophy,
Incorporating Multiple Single Wing Principles Into Any Offense is a must for any football coach’s personal library. Elements of the offense work in sync with balanced and unbalanced offensive lines as well as various personnel groups. Spread offenses with four receivers and offenses with two tight ends can find a niche or series that can be a welcome addition to their base scheme. This book contains well written explanations and numerous diagrams to help any coach from novice to advanced.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: Setting up the Offense
Chapter 2: Individual Position Play
Chapter 3: Direct Snap
Chapter 4: Full-Spin Series
Chapter 5: Half-Spin Series
Chapter 6: Multiple Formations
Chapter 7: Incorporating the Single Wing Into Special Teams
Chapter 8: Seasonal Preparation

What coaches are saying:

I was a double wing/wing-T believer when I met Jerry Sarchet nine years ago. He introduced me to, and educated me on the single wing. As I came to understand the system, I realized that the single wing is the most versatile offense in football. It lends itself perfectly to power, deception, play-action passing and the spread passing game. Jerry is an excellent tactician who is perhaps the best coach I have known to recognize defensive approaches, and design effective countermeasures to combat them. Coaches at all competitive levels of football can benefit from Incorporating Multiple Single Wing Principles into any Offense, as Jerry meticulously explains his version of the single wing that he has so successfully crafted over the years.
 -Tad Shields
  Retired Head Football Coach
  The Avalon School, Gaithersburg, MD

After 38 years of involvement with high school football as a player, referee, and coach, I have come to the realization the single wing is one of the most consistently, powerful and deceptive offenses that I have ever come across. In fact, it has turned numerous programs around, including ours. Coach Jerry Sarchet, who is completely dedicated to running the single wing, learned the offense from a great pedigree of coaches. His version of the offense, running an unbalanced line with a flexed strong end, is a complete system that provides answers to any defensive adjustment. It is a fun, ball-control offense for coaches to teach and for players to run at every position. This book would be a great addition to the library of any offensive student of the game.
 -Chris Stevens Head Football Coach
  Xavier High School, New York, NY

I can think of no one more qualified than Jerry Sarchet to teach all of the basic elements of football, especially the single wing. He's always been a wonderful teacher and motivator. This book is a great opportunity for anyone interested in installing and achieving the innumerable benefits of this innovative style of the single wing.
 -John Zerbe
  Former Head Football Coach Spencerville High School, Spencerville, OH

Incorporating Multiple Single Wing Principles into any Offense presents a detailed overview of the system that will more than level the playing field for your football team...Coach Sarchet has taken the best of this over-powering. yet highly deceptive offense and has packaged it into an easy-to-install formal.
 -Thad Chilton
  Former Head Football Coach Camden Hills Regional High School, Rockport, ME

Incorporating Multiple Single Wing Principles into any Offense is a book that you will want to keep with you at all times. This is a go-to resource for anyone who wants to run the single wing offense. Jerry shows great detail in all aspects of the game. His system is easy to install and is a proven winner. The book offers something for everyone and I absolutely love the casy adaption from the power, half-spin all the way to the full-spin series. Coach Sarchet was one of the reasons we turned our program into a winner. The information in this book can be used from pee wee football all the way to the high school level.
 -Rob Matz
  Head Football Coach Enie High School, Erie, PA