Inside the Pocket: An In Depth Analysis of the Xs & Os

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Bobby Petrino and Joe Metzka

Coach Petrino shares for the first time, his offensive philosophy and his philosophy for coaching the quarterback, along with his concept of offense, including all aspects of the passing game and recent developments in run/pass options and the read-option run game in Inside The Pocket: An In-dept Analysis of the X's and O's.

A sport-psychology appendix with Dr. Joe is added as a bonus feature.

Topics discussed in the book:

Chapter 1: Philosophy of Offense
Chapter 2: Passing Game Philosophy; Quarterback Play & Protections
Chapter 3: Quick Game
Chapter 4: Dropback Passing
Chapter 5: Empty
Chapter 6: Screens
Chapter 7: Play-Action and Nakeds
Chapter 8: The Age of RPO
Chapter 9: Option to the Heisman
Appendix A: Football Players and Psychology Concepts with Dr. Joe
Appendix B: Summary of Dr. Joe's Dissertation

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What Quarterbacks Coached by Bobby Petrino Are Saying...

“Playing quarterback for Coach Bobby Petrino was like a daily master class in offensive
football. He taught us every detail of our position and explained why each technique
and scheme would work, and it all fit together like a puzzle. It was fun playing in his
exciting and creative system where a quarterback could develop all his skills—throw
deep, short, move the pocket, run, audible, and surprise with the well-timed trick play.

“Coach would not only call the right play at the right time, but often it was the play that
you would least expect. He set the standard on being daring and bold as a play-caller.
With his attention to detail, our team always had the utmost confidence because we
knew how well he had prepared us.”
— Brian Brohm
    University of Louisville Quarterback
    NFL Quarterback, Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills
    Offensive Coordinator, Purdue University

“Coach Petrino is an expert at designing plays and developing balanced offenses that
can attack a defense both with the run and the pass. A master at the details of each
position, Coach has a history of molding his offensive system to fit the talents of his
players, especially the quarterback.”
— Jeff Brohm
    University of Louisville Quarterback
    NFL Quarterback, San Fransisco 49ers, San Diego Chargers, Washington
    Head Football Coach, Purdue University

“It’s been said that a good coach can take a player to a place that he can’t get to on
his own. That was Bob Petrino for me in Jacksonville. Bob was instrumental in my
development and played a key role in our success as our offensive coordinator. Bob is
regarded as having one of the brightest offensive minds in football and I’m thankful I
was able to benefit from his coaching.”
— Mark Brunell
    Pro Bowl NFL Quarterback, Jacksonville Jaguars, Washington Redskins

“Coach Petrino is a perfectionist. He knows what he wants and how he wants it done and
he will not settle for anything less. The attention to detail and the expectation he places
on his coaches and players is why he is one of the best offensive minds in the game.”
— Stefan LeFors
    University of Louisville Quarterback
    NFL Quarterback, Carolina Panthers