Is Your Work Working?

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Andy Cheshire
Length 52 minutes
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In Is Your Work Working?, Andy Cheshire, Head Coach of Concordia HS (TX) discusses how to get the most out of your off-season and in-season workouts, specifically nutrition for performance. Coach Cheshire provides a number of science based best-practices for hydration and recovery, including nutrient timing. Additionally, Coach Cheshire outlines a number of “recovery drinks” and how to utilize them in your post-workout recovery plans. Finally, Coach Cheshire details a study performed by University of Texas, Austin, that provides a detailed plan for workout recovery and its results.

Topics covered include:

• Communicating and Educating Your Athletes
• Best Practices
• Identifying Dehydration
• Recovery (The Three R’s)
• Energy Systems
• Nutrient Timing
• Why Recover Drinks?
• Effects of Recovery Drinks
• Strength Adaptation (Power vs Overall Strength)