Key Defensive Skills and Game-Applicable Drills

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Ron Lynn
60 minutes
Key Defensive Skills and Game-Applicable Drills reviews several of the basic skills that are involved in sound defensive play and details a series of proven foundational drills that can help develop those capabilities in the players. Featuring one of the most respected coaches in the game, the video points out the fact that the key to the effectiveness of these drills is their application to the skills that are critical to their on-the-field performance. The video emphasizes the point that every drill, particularly collision exercises, must be safe and relevant to game action. Each drill is diagramed and explained, as well as demonstrated with film cut-ups.

Among the topics covered: 

• X's and O's: understanding the basics 
• Angling tackling drill 
• Sideline tackling drill 
• Open-field tackling drill 
• Block protection 
• Two-on-one drill 
• Backside drill 
• Movement drill 
• Five-yard square drill 
• Film cut-ups