Kickoff Coverage Teaching Progression

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Bobby April
73 minutes

Kickoff Coverage Teaching Progression presents a detailed overview of coaching kickoff coverage-from the end of the play (the tackling phase) to the beginning of the play (the team get-off with the kick). The DVD includes a series of proven drills and an easy-to-use chart that coaches can employ to introduce kickoff coverage. The DVD features footage of player meetings at the St. Louis Rams' facilities and a film critique of the Rams' practice sessions. All work is done without pads and emphasizes the techniques and skills that teams and players must master to execute excellent kickoff coverage properly.

Among the topics covered:

  • Tackling (techniques/concepts/drills)
  • Defeating blocks near the ball (techniques/concepts/drills)
  • Avoiding and escaping blocks in space (techniques/concepts/drills)
  • Decisions on when to confront or avoid a blocker (techniques/concepts/drills)
  • Getting off at top speed with the kick (techniques/concepts/drills)