Linebacker Run Defense

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Robin Ross
71 minutes

Linebacker Run Defense presents a comprehensive overview of the key factors involved in sound linebacker play against the run. The DVD includes a grading system and production chart for linebackers with regard to defending the run. The DVD also details a series of agilities, run drills, keys, and run fits for linebackers, as well as linebacker techniques and drills that address basic block protection, striking, and separation from blockers. In addition, the DVD discusses fundamentals, techniques, and drills to enhance tackling from the linebacker position, with the emphasis on creating and recovering turnovers.

Among the topics covered:

• A PRO (A professional who plays football)
• Linebackers
• Linebackers versus the pass
• General points in pass coverage: general principles in zone coverage
• General points in pass coverage: general principles of man coverage
• Basic coverage techniques in M/M
• Pass-rush techniques
• Cut-ups
• Linebacker pass-rush drills
• LB blitz technique
• Linebacker intercepting techniques
• LB man-cover techniques
• Man & zone coverage game clips