Make Your Special Teams Special

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Herb Meyer
65 minutes
Make Your Special Teams Special is designed to be an invaluable resource for coaches who want to ensure that their special teams are successful in all aspects of special-team play. The DVD details the key elements underlying a sound philosophy of special teams play, as well as presents a series of activities that coaches can employ during practice to enhance their squad's special-team play. The DVD also features suggestions concerning what coaches can do year-round to develop their team's kicking game.

Among the topics covered:
  • Develop a philosophy
  • Big plays
  • Special team identification
  • Practice activities
  • Field-position chart
  • Game-preparation sheet
  • Year-round development of the kicking game
  • Double-slot punt formation
  • Directional kicking
  • Blocking the punt
  • Kickoff coverage
  • Kickoff returns
  • Extra point and field goal
  • Rambo offense
  • Game film cut-ups