Man-for-Man, 1-Free Coverage Techniques

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Larry Peccatiello
38 minutes
Man-for-Man, 1-Free Coverage Techniques offers an invaluable resource for coaches who want to better understand the key factors involved in man-for-man, 1-free coverage. The DVD outlines the basic advantages of man-for-man coverage. The DVD also details why man-for-man, 1-free coverage enables defenses to put strong pressure on play-action passes or the running game by bringing five defenders on the play.

Among the topics covered:

• Benefits of man-for-man coverage
• BOX call
• Identify personnel and responsibilities
• 1 WEED call
• Adjustments
• 1 free audible call
• Window dress the coverage
• 1 SPY call
• 1 free coverage allows flexibility
• Ability to bring five
• CUT call
• Bring two linebackers
• SAM call