Mike Singletary's Guide to Linebacker Alignment, Assignment, and Technique

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Mike Singletary
27 minutes
One of the greatest linebackers to ever play football discusses several of the factors that defensive players can utilize to enhance their level of play. Initially, the video examines the visualization can play in development of an athlete. The video then points out the value of doing the little things to get better. Next, the video looks at how distractions can compromise an athlete's ability to get better. Subsequently, the video reviews the importance of preparation by both coaches and athletes in getting ready to play. Finally, the video talks about the need for players to be in the right place, at the right time, including how teams specify where a players should be positioned in a particular alignment. The video also looks at defensive assignments, particularly in cover 1.
Among the topics covered: 
• Visualization 
• Developing talent into skill 
• Distractions 
• Preparation 
• Alignment, assignment, technique