Modern Techniques in the Wing-T

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Ron Carbone
357 pages

Modern Techniques in the Wing-T is addressed mainly to high school football coaches running the Wing-T offense. The wing-T was a popular high school and college offense from the late 1940s to the late 1960s. Over the years, it has lost some of its allure, and some coaches feel it's no longer a viable offense. The goal of this book is to stimulate thought on innovative ideas that will keep the Wing-T offense just as effective today as it was in its heyday, which I believe is possible by making minor adjustments and adding subtle nuances to traditional Wing-T plays. Many innovations will be suggested in this book, and coaches may not be interested in all of them. However, if a coach sees merit in a few ideas-or becomes self-motivated to seek new ways of running traditional plays-the purpose for writing this book will be realized.

Five basic series that have been part of Wing-T football for over 50 years will be examined in this book. They are: the teen series (featuring power plays from a straight-T formation), the 20 series (the buck-sweep plays), the 30 series (featuring the belly plays), the 40 series (a sweep and power attack), the 50 series (a toss to the fullback), and the 60 series, which features play-action passes off the buck sweep action.

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