Multiple 40 Coverages and Adjustments

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Greg Vandagriff
33 minutes
Multiple 40 Coverages and Adjustments reviews how to run basic cover 2 and cover 3 from a multiple 40 defensive scheme. The DVD details the rules for both run plays and pass plays, as well as the adjustments that should be made against both one- and two-back sets. The DVD also features rules and tips concerning when coaches should call the coverages and the fronts that go with each coverage. In addition, the DVD discusses defensive alignments for both trips and trips open.

Among the topics covered:
  • Cover-3 rules
  • Cover-2 rules
  • 2-back motion rotations
  • Coverage variations
  • Trips coverages
  • Ace (one-back) rules
  • Trips formations
  • Cover-2 roll