Offensive Line Drills in the Run Game

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Ron West
52 minutes
Offensive Line Drills in the Run Game presents an in-depth analysis of the basic fundamentals and techniques necessary for sound offensive line run blocking. Featuring on-field player demonstrations, the DVD includes a series of drills that relate to executing the base run plays in the shotgun offense: zone, gut, counter, and dart. The DVD also offers a detailed analysis of both practice drills and game film.

Among the topics covered:
  • Zone-step technique drills
  • Trail-step technique drills
  • Lead-step technique drills
  • Basic steps for the inside zone-chute drills
  • Racehorse technique from 2-point stance
  • Outside-zone step technique and chute drills
  • Trap-pull technique-chute drills
  • Down-block technique drills
  • Pull-technique drills