Oiler Defense: Robber Coverage

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Rickey Tullos
57 minutes
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In Oiler Defense: Robber Coverage, Ricky Tullow, Head Coach at Pearland HS (TX), details the philosophies of the Robber Coverage defensive system. Coach Tullow and his staff review how to utilize multiple looks and formations within the same defense, to keep the offense off-balance, while allowing your defense to play fast. Additionally, Coach Tullow outlines how to implement the Robber Coverage according to your defensive personnel. Finally, Coach Tullow provides a number of film cut-ups, outlining his schemes.

Topics covered include:

• Robber Coverage Basics and Philosophy
• Level Two Adjustments-Using Your Linebackers
• Alignments, Drops, and Reads
• Multiple Looks, Playing Fast, and "Keeping it Simple"
• Defensive Keys by Down and Distance
• Utilizing Your Personnel Correctly
• Creating Pressure
• Linebacker and Secondary Responsibilities
• Film Cut-Ups