Option Passing Series: Teaching the Clear

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Larry Kindbom
39 minutes
Option Passing Series: Teaching the Clear presents an overview of the key factors involved in the most common route in football, the post-dig-cross route, also known as the clear route. The DVD features a simple method for teaching the clear to both quarterbacks and receivers. With regard to the clear, the DVD provides an in-depth look at both route running and quarterback reads. Using concepts that are applicable at all competitive levels, the DVD explains how the clear can effectively be employed against several different coverage looks.

Among the topics covered:
  • Skinny post
  • Shallow cross #2 receiver
  • Dig #3 receiver
  • 14 yards out #4 receiver
  • TB-check down
  • Responsibilities
  • Bracket
  • 3-on-2 concept
  • Practice
  • Games-throwing the post
  • Games-throwing 3-on-2
  • 3x1 set
  • Variations