Outside Zone: Installation, Identification, and Variations

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Matt Stansfield
61 minutes
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In Outside Zone: Installation, Identification, and Variations, Matt Stansfield, Offensive Line Coach for University at Buffalo football, details his approach to the outside zone run game, including blocking combos, footwork, and positional responsibilities. Coach Stansfield discusses why to run the outside zone offense, and how to implement it into your program. Additionally, Coach Stansfield outlines the positional responsibilities and blocking schemes required to run the outside zone successfully. Finally, Coach Stansfield provides film cut-ups and play diagrams to gain a better understand of the scheme.

Topics covered include:

• Outside Zone Basics
• Positional Responsibilities
• Blocking Schemes
• Reading the Defensive Line
• Different Formations Within the Outside Zone
• Footwork
• Combo Blocks
• Using Cutbacks/Play-Action/RPO off Outside Zone
• Film Cut-Ups and Diagrams