Planning Workouts for Sprinters & Hurdlers

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Tony Veney
51 minutes

Planning Workouts for Sprinters & Hurdlers outlines ways in which sprint/hurdle coaches can avoid the training pitfalls that can derail an otherwise successful season. The DVD reviews the key factors involved in a systematic-philosophical approach that sprint/hurdle coaches can employ to develop a plan for the season that provides validity to their athletes' weeks and months of hard work, rather than merely working them out. The DVD discusses the difference between speed development and speed work and details the role that endurance plays in the development of a sprinter or hurdler.

Among the topics covered:

• Systematic coaching
• Philosophical training
• Speed development
• How do you get faster?
• Endurance training
• Base training
• Know the systems
• Knudson overs and unders
• Compatibility
• Compatible sprint training
• Non-compatible sprint training
• Let's see some workouts