Power Running Game From the Spread Offense

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Bruce Miller
50 minutes
Power Running Game From the Spread Offense explains how teams that use a spread offense can establish a successful power running game from a two-back set. The DVD details how teams can organize both their offensive staff and their run game. The DVD also reviews why teams should employ power ad counter plays (both of which use a gap scheme) to attack defenses downhill. In addition, the DVD points out the alignment and assignments for the running backs in the power running game from the spread. The DVD also includes several examples of plays in the power run game that can be utilized against various defensive schemes.

Among the topics covered:
  • The way we organize our run game
  • Why the power and counter?
  • Counter and power
  • RB alignment and assignments
  • Split power vs. even
  • Stack power vs. field blitz
  • Power option
  • Power boot
  • Seminole