Punt Block and Return Drills & Techniques

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Jay Sawvel
52 minutes
Punt Block and Return Drills and Techniques presents a comprehensive overview of the key factors involved in both blocking and returning punts. Featuring a step-by-step teaching progression, the DVD is designed to be an exceptional resource for coaches who want to develop this aspect of their squad's special teams play. The DVD also includes a series of game-tested drills for enhancing the skills and techniques involved in blocking and returning punts.

Among the topics covered:
  • Finish-at-the-block-spot drill
  • Middle-rush-block-spot drill
  • Outside-block drill
  • Outside-block example
  • Towel drill
  • Pad-level example
  • Inside-rush drill
  • Inside-rush drill examples
  • On-the-line hold-up
  • Downfield-trail phase
  • Wall technique
  • Spacing the wall
  • Wall drill
  • Wall examples
  • Hold-up gunner
  • Off technique
  • Hold-up gunner example
  • Press technique
  • Vice technique
  • Vice vs. inside release
  • Vice vs. outside release
  • Vice gunner example
  • Return techniques