QB Reads in the Run Game

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John Harrell
49 minutes
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In QB Reads in the Run Game, John Harrell, Head Coach at Rockwell- Heath HS (TX), discusses former Head Coach Mike Spradlin’s philosophies on how to develop a QB read offense with an emphasis on running and up-tempo offense, and exploiting matchups. Additionally, offseason training, focused on speed training, weightlifting techniques as well as creating a winning culture are featured. Coach Spradlin’s ideas of X’s and O’s, including formations are outlined. Finally, the coaches present a number of film clips reviewing the do’s and don’ts in the system.

Topics covered include:

• Quarterback’s Role in the Run Game
• No Huddle Up-Tempo Offense
• Offseason Training
• Creating a Winning Culture
• Formations and Personnel
• Substitution Strategies
• Red-Zone RPOs
• Identifying the “Open Man”
• QB Reads and Quick Passing
• Film Cut-ups