Quarterback Coverages, Keys, Reads, and Progressions

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Ron Jenkins
32 minutes

Quarterback Coverages, Keys, Reads, and Progressions provides detailed guidelines concerning how to recognize various coverages both before the ball is snapped and also as the quarterback begins his drop. The difference between a pure progression (west coast offense) and a key progression for the quarterback is also shown. Featuring detailed drawings and film cut-ups from the highest level of competition, the DVD also reviews the quarterback's pre-snap procedure, followed by his basic key reads to help him easily make decisions before he gets to the end of his drop.

Among the topics covered:

  • Coverage recognition:
    Cover 3, Cover 1 free, Cover 2, Cover zero, Quarters coverage
  • Types of progressions
  • QB pre-snap procedures
  • Basic reads:
    Slant, Sideline/speed-outs, Stick, Deep out/corner, Dig, Deep verticals (3, 4, & 5 receivers), Square-in, Curl