Quarterback Drills and Techniques

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Jonathan Gill
90 minutes

Quarterback Drills and Techniques provides a detailed overview of the key factors involved in sound quarterback play. Designed as an easy-to-use resource for coaches at all competitive levels, the DVD presents an in-depth explanation and demonstration of each essential aspect of quarterback play. The DVD also features a series of game-tested drills that coaches can utilize to develop the essential fundamentals and skill of their quarterbacks.

Among the topics covered:

  • Stance
  • Staggered stance
  • Balance stance
  • Balance stance with pigeon
  • Grip of the football
  • Exercises for grip
  • Throwing stance
  • Throwing mechanics
  • Dropback techniques
  • Three-step drop
  • Quick five-step drop
  • Five-step and hitch
  • Eyes-downfield drill
  • Shotgun snap
  • T-step
  • Flexibility drills
  • Ballhandling drills
  • Option drills
  • One-knee drill
  • Hot-plate drill
  • Quick-crossover drill
  • Void drill
  • Wrong-foot drill
  • Continuous-drop drill
  • Hit-and-throw drill
  • Hit, hitch, and throw
  • Hit, hitch, hitch, and throw
  • Goal-post drill
  • Goal-post drill/seam pass
  • Sprint-out crossbar
  • Drops blindfolded
  • Screen drill
  • Sprint progression
  • T-step drill
  • QB-wave drill
  • QB-sense pressure drill
  • QB-drop suicide drill
  • Bag drills
  • Five-and-a-hi