Quarterback Footwork and Throwing Mechanics for Youth Football

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Craig Johnston
37 minutes

3-Step Passing Play in the Pistol Offense presents an overview of the key factors involved in successfully executing the passing game in the pistol offense. The DVD details the two types of routes that provide pistol teams with an advantage, as well as outlines the basic spacing criteria for both quarterbacks and wide receivers on various types of quarterback drops. The DVD also reviews the footwork of the quarterback in his drops and discusses the timing between the quarterback and the wide receivers on pass plays. In addition, the DVD outlines the benefits of the 3-step passing series and includes examples of game-tested plays in the series.

Among the topics covered:

  • Why run the pistol?
  • Two types of routes
  • Pistol passing
  • Big 3
  • Pistol QB drops/timing
  • Pistol passing
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