Quarterback School - Year-Round Quarterback Development

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Andrew Coverdale
67 minutes

The late, renowned Bill Walsh often asserted that the most critical time of a quarterback's development occurs in the off-season. Quarterback School: Year-Round Quarterback Development details a complete program for working with a quarterback in the off-season, with the express goal of putting the player in the position, by the time practice starts, of being able to command the field as a decision-maker and make the most of his physical skills. The DVD addresses a number of factors, including an overall calendar for quarterback school, an outline of the daily agenda, qualities of a great quarterback, teaching defensive recognition, a comprehensive approach to communication, the pre-snap routine, types of reads, organizing information, and brining it all together through checkers.

Among the topics covered:

  • Philosophical issues
  • QB calendar
  • Meeting tips and tricks
  • Daily agenda
  • Goals and qualities
  • Six-second rule
  • Identifying defenses
  • Passing game
  • QB cheat sheet and box thought process

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