Quick-Hitting Set Plays

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Tara VanDerveer
42 minutes
In Quick-Hitting Set Plays, Coach Tara VanDerveer presents numerous quick-hitting plays that are focused on getting players set up for an excellent shot. The DVD includes several situational plays to put players in the best possible position to take their shots. Each entry offense is broken down position-by-position, with on-court demonstrations that provide a variety of looks to allow a team to score quickly during critical segments of the game. Coaches can enhance their team's scoring capabilities by using the plays Tara VanDerveer employs to help make Stanford a perennial national powerhouse.

Among the topics covered:
  • Three-point series
  • Double screen
  • Screen the screener
  • Off the free throw
  • Transition
  • Back pick
  • Triple threat
  • Corner series
  • Add defender
  • Developmental drills
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