Shotgun Screens

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Ron West
45 minutes
Shotgun Screens presents a philosophical overview and an in-depth analysis of the basic fundamentals, techniques, and blocking schemes necessary to execute both flow (slow) screens and funnel (tunnel) screens, out of both 4-wide receiver sets and 2-back sets. Both screens are forms of double screens, in which the slow screen and tunnel screen are run opposite a bubble screen fake. The DVD explains and illustrates how shotgun screens can make the defense play with the numbers and slow down the pass rush, thereby limiting the defense's use of pressure packages.

Among the topics covered:
  • Tunnel (funnel) screen vs. even front
  • Tunnel (funnel) screen vs. odd 3-4 front
  • Slow screen vs. even front
  • Slow screen vs. odd front
  • Blocking adjustments to defensive variations