Split Field Defense: Man Match Quarters

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Dante Bartee
47 minutes
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In Split Field Defense: Man Match Quarters, Dante Bartee, Defensive Quality Control Southern Miss Golden Eagles, discusses “Cover 6” or Man Matchup Quarter Coverage, including the variations he uses and the terminology. Coach Bartee outlines the various coverages used across the field in this system, based on the offensive formations and schemes. Additionally, Coach Bartee reviews coverage adjustments within the base Man Match Quarter to matchup with different positional players on the opposing offenses. Finally, Coach Bartee uses film cut-ups to illustrate his scheme and adjustments.

Topics covered include:

• Man Match Quarters Concepts
• Basics and Terminology
• Robber Coverage
• Matching Up With Offensive Schemes and Players
• Positional Adjustments
• Man Coverage Principals
• Defending Different WR/RB Routes
• Formation Adjustments
• Film Cut-Ups