Spread Buck Sweep RPO’s

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Rich Hargitt
48 minutes
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In Spread Buck Sweep RPO’s, Coach Rich Hargitt, an innovator of RPO (Run Pass Option) football, and current Head Coach at Emmett High School in Boise, Idaho, discusses the principles of implementing and running the buck sweep within the RPO scheme. Coach Hargitt outlines how to install buck sweep, including formations and blocking schemes. Additionally, Coach Hargitt hosts a question and answer session with more in-depth, team specific information. Finally, Coach Hargitt uses game film to illustrate his concepts.

Topics Covered Include:

• Installing the Buck Sweep in RPO Schemes
• Buck Sweep Play Callings
• Blocking Principles for the Buck Sweep
• Formation Adjustments
• Buck Sweep vs Different Defensive Alignments
• Question and Answer Session
• Film Cut-Ups