Stealing Players in the Run Fit

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Joe Klanderman
46 minutes
Stealing Players in the Run Fit explains how teams can regain the numbers advantage in the offense, even though they may be outnumbered. The DVD reviews why this topic is important, particularly given the way the game has evolved in recent years with the explosion in the number of teams that employ a spread offense. The DVD not only discusses what is meant by the concept of stealing players in the fit, it also details how factors can help teams regain and maintain the numbers advantage. In addition, the DVD covers how teams can utilize and teach movement.

Among the topics covered:
  • Why this topic is important
  • What does stealing a player mean?
  • +1 football
  • Non +1 football
  • Regain the numbers advantage
  • The palms concept
  • Keys and reads for the palm player
  • Defending two vertical combinations
  • The smash concept
  • The in call
  • Basic coverage points in a nutshell
  • Perimeter run key
  • Extended split
  • Fuzzy read by #2
  • Palms in 3x1
  • Creating a numbers advantage with movement
  • How to teach movement