Stopping the Run With 8- and 9-Man Fronts

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Pat Fox
49 minutes

On every run play, the defense needs to know how to stop the offensive scheme. In that regard, Stopping the Run With 8- and 9-Man Fronts breaks down the key components and fundamentals concerning how defenses can successfully defend against the run. The DVD also details how teams can utilize a ninth man on the frontline in robber coverage to help stop the run. In addition, the DVD explains how defenses can attack robust offensive formations, using extra linebackers and defensive linemen.

Among the topics covered:

  • Stopping the base plays
  • Stopping the run using three basic principles game film cut-ups
  • Versus 21 personnel groups using robber coverage
  • Corners over game film cut-ups
  • Versus 32 personnel groups using an extra backer
  • Blitz combinations
  • Extra backer package game film cut-ups
  • Tough cover 2 free
  • Fox "A" game film cut-ups
  • Jerk double shoot

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