Student-Athlete Stress Management

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Kathi Wieskamp
40 minutes
Young people are under more pressure than ever to excel and perform well in school, athletics, and life. Student-Athlete Stress Management is designed to address ways that coaches can help their athletes perform well in all areas of their lives. The DVD provides insights in determining what causes the stress in the lives of student-athletes and how coaches might identify the physical, mental, and emotional signs that are attendant to such stress. The DVD also features ideas on how changes can be made in the lifestyles and methods of thinking of student-athletes that can have a dramatic effect on reducing their overall level of stress. In addition, several simple relaxation techniques are reviewed that coaches can teach to their student-athletes to help them handle the pressures they face in their daily lives, as well as in competition and performance settings.

Among the topics covered:
  • Student-athlete stress inventory
  • Lifestyle changes to help manage stress
  • Positive-thinking plan
  • Relaxation techniques