Successful Two-Point Conversion Plays

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Ed Zaunbrecher
49 minutes

Successful Two-Point Conversion Plays presents a detailed overview of plays that teams can use to successfully attack defenses in two-point and goal-line situations. The DVD reviews red-zone strategies commonly employed by defenses and explains how teams can effectively engage them. The DVD also details routes that can be employed in two-point packages against specific defensive strategies (zone, man-to-man, blitzing).

Among the topics covered:

• Opponent's red zone strategy
• YAK cut-ups
• The Cougar route
• Snake (sniper) route
• Cougar cut-ups
• GLOP (glance/option)
• The Panther route
• Colt route
• Tiger & COP route
• River/flood route
• Tiger & COP cut-ups
• Win route
• YAK (Y stick) route
• Win cut-ups
• YAK pump route