Surface to Air: Power and Counter Concepts

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Rich Hargitt
92 minutes
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In Surface to Air: Power and Counter Concepts, Coach Rich Hargitt, an innovator of RPO (Run Pass Option) football, and current Head Coach and Strength Coordinator at Emmett High School in Boise, Idaho, discusses how to implement a power running game into the Air Raid Offense. Coach Hargitt outlines they keys to running “power running” schemes within an offensive system that relies on reading defenders, as well as throwing the football. Additionally, Coach Hargitt reviews blocking schemes and audibles, or “calls” within the offense. Finally, Coach Hargitt hosts a question and answer session to detail variations within your offense.

Topics covered include:

• Adjusting Your Offense to Fit Your Personnel
• Utilizing Your Talent
• Blocking Schemes
• Power Running Plays
• Counter Plays
• Gap Blocking
• Varying Formations Within the RPO Concept
• Defeating Defensive Line Fronts
• Questions and Answer Session