Tackling Circuit and Ball Security

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Ricky Rahne
52 minutes
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In Tackling Circuit and Ball Security, Ricky Rahne, Head Coach at Old Dominion University (VA), discusses his strategies and techniques in practice to prevent turnovers, while also improving tackling fundamentals. Coach Rahne details how to run drills emphasizing ball security and fundamentals. Additionally, Coach Rahne outlines how to maximize your skill players’ potential in space, while also being aware of getting the most yards without a defender getting the opportunity to knock the ball out of your hands. Finally, Coach Rahne provides a number of film cut-ups to illustrate his drills.

Topics covered include:

• Tackling Drills while Emphasizing Ball Security
• Maximizing Potential
• Preventing Takeaways
• Tackling Basics and Fundamentals
• Securing the Ball all over the Field
• Leverage and Footwork
• “Catch and Tuck”
• Drill Formations and Diagrams
• Film Cut-Ups