Taking Your Football Program to the Next Level

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Tim Murphy, Mike Ivankovich
116 minutes
Taking Your Football Program to the Next Level is a special DVD/CD-Rom package that offers 33 proven steps that coaches can use to improve their gridiron programs. Featuring three separate videos, the DVD presents a comprehensive program that has helped both coaches send 13 of the 16 teams they have coached to the playoffs winning eight league and four CIF section championships. Among the topics covered in the DVD are essential philosophies, goals, training, player development, and coaches' responsibilities. The accompanying CD-Rom includes 28 forms that correspond to the key topics reviewed in the DVD as used by Murphy and Ivankovich in their own programs. These forms can be used by coaches simply by changing the name of their program or by using them as templates to create their own. The program can be used either in its comprehensive form or individual parts can be pulled out as needed.