Teaching a Multiple-Front Defense

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John Thompson
55 minutes
Teaching a Multiple-Front Defense explains how teams can incorporate a wide range of fronts into their defense. Whether the defense involves an odd or even front, over or under, or 3/4/5 man, the DVD explains how coaches can integrate the various fronts into their team's base package and then effectively teach the package to their players. The DVD features a simple progression for teaching a multi-front defense and details methods for implementing such an approach, regardless of what defensive system a team employs.

Among the topics covered:
  • Reasons for the multiple-front defense
  • Aligning the defense
  • 3-4 defense
  • Base looks for the Okie defense
  • Bite and whip change-ups
  • Base 4-3 package
  • Eight base looks from the 4-3
  • 4-3 half-fronts
  • 3-3 stack
  • Code names