Teaching Quarters Coverage to Linebackers

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Robin Ross
67 minutes
Teaching Quarters Coverage to Linebackers details the basic factors involved in making linebackers effective and productive when they're in quarters coverage. The DVD reviews several different ways and techniques to play quarters coverage and outlines a variety of change-ups with regard to coverage concepts. The DVD also discusses the fundamental attributes that are essential in sound linebacker play, as well as points out the responsibilities and keys for linebackers in quarters coverage. The DVD is designed as an easy-to-understand teaching tool for coaches at all competitive levels.

Among the topics covered: 

• A pro 
• Stance 
• General information 
• Alignment, stance, key, movement 
• Linebackers vs. pass 
• Linebackers run/pass progression 
• Linebackers vs. pass 
• Coverage concept: green 
• Coverage concept: palms 
• Coverage concept: stay 
• Coverage concept: sting 
• Coverage concept: cloud 
• Video clips