Teaching the "Gap" Zone Offense

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Tara VanDerveer
45 minutes

Stanford's veteran, Olympic Gold Medal winning coach demonstrates continuity zone offenses that can effectively attack any zone defense from any angle. Emphasizing the key points in attacking any zone, Teaching the "Gap" Zone Offense details two zone offenses using on-court demonstrations. Featuring an exceptional guard-oriented zone offensive scheme, each offense is designated to penetrate gaps in the zone by dribbling, passing, and screening.

Among the topics covered:

  • "Gap" zone alignments
  • Post breakdown
  • Perimeter center screens
  • High post screens
  • Screens for perimeter
  • Combined post-perimeter drills
  • Penetration drills
  • Penetrate and pitch drills
  • Offensive rebounding drills
  • Set plays, 4-out, 1-in continuity
  • Special situations

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