Tempo-Changing Strategies for the Kickoff Team

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Robin Ross
55 minutes
Tempo-Changing Strategies for the Kickoff Team discusses the fact that it can be argued the kickoff is the most important play in football, particularly since it often establishes the tempo of the football game. The DVD details the seven basic goals that a coach should have for his kickoff team, as well as points out the fundamental indicators that define how the receiving team is going to return the kickoff. The DVD also reviews several types of kickoffs, including the fundamental roles for each of the members of the kickoff team. In addition, the DVD includes several drills that coaches can employ in their practices to work on the basic skills and techniques involved in successful kickoff team play. 

Among the topics covered:

• Kickoff goals 
• Define the return 
• Left-deep-left 
• Middle-deep left alignments 
• Right-deep right alignments 
• Left-sky right alignments 
• Left-deep left R-3 looper 
• Kickoff drills 
• Double-team 
• Game clips 
• Left-sky right alignments 
• Coverage change-ups