Ten Commandments for Defending the Spread Offense

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Jeff Scurran
38 minutes

Ten Commandments for Defending the Spread Offense provides a comprehensive overview of how teams from almost any defensive set can successfully recognize and counter the highly effective and increasingly popular spread offense. Utilizing an array of game-tested techniques and alignments, the DVD details how to slow down this high-octane, no-huddle offensive system by better understanding the theory of how and why it works and responding accordingly. Through being able to identify weaknesses in the different formations employed in the spread, the DVD demonstrates how a defense can quickly change up looks and fronts to confuse the quarterback.

Among the topics covered:

• Figure out who they are
• Understand the theory of the spread
• Defend the primary threat on the primary defensive scheme
• Is their best series the read zone?
• Don't let their best series get wheels
• Spy the quarterback with your best open field tackler
• Force them to drive the field and take more snaps
• Think about how your own offense can limit their offense
• Win the kicking game
• Understand their version of the spread offense