That’s Routine for Us: Washington Husky Infield Play

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Ronnie Prettyman
49 minutes
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Coach Ronnie Prettyman of the Washington Huskies covers infield play in That’s Routine for Us: Washington Husky Infield Play, presented at the 2019 Northwest Baseball Clinic. Coach Prettyman discusses how to make the spectacular plays feel as routine as the ordinary ones. Throughout his presentation Coach Prettyman emphasizes fundamentals and positioning while also striving “to make as many of the drills and practice routines as game-like as possible.”

Topics include:

• Daily Practice Routines
• Fielding and Throwing Drills
• Infielder Positioning
• Motivating your players
• Maximizing a player’s athleticism
• Simulating game speed in practice
• Developing a player’s internal clock
• Creating a competitive mindset
• Footwork